About Us

About Us

A Letter From Our Founder

‘‘Fair and Lovely.” I still remember, when I was a little girl, I would walk across the supermarket wondering why there was a range of remedies to lighten your skin color. In 2016, I set out to find my own ‘cure’ by launching Beyond Bias, my social media awareness campaign against biases.

I had always wondered why “Fair and Lovely” was sold – let alone a bestseller – in a
country of brown people. Having personal experience with this prejudice, I wanted to
bring this controversial issue to the surface. I studied the history of discrimination in
India and surveyed random people at metro stations and bus stands on race matters. I
assimilated all the information I obtained into my campaign.

As part of my research, I conducted workshops with family and friends and organized
awareness events. My goal was to bring the subconscious biases we held as a
society to the forefront. In fact, some of my classmates who took the “Implicit Bias Test”
recognized for the first time their own lack of objectivity.

I studied the correlation between different demographic variables and biases and
learned that the only way to overcome this prejudiced mindset was through concerted

I continue aiming to sanitize people’s minds and actions against inherent racial
intolerance, an issue close to my heart. It is time to go Beyond Bias!

Aanya Jain
Founder, Beyond Bias