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Is all bias bad?

We live in a society that forces us to be biased on almost everything around us . Fat Vs thin , rich vs poor , good job vs average job , marriageable age , education etc etc etc.

Yes as a generation we are trying to move beyond such biases as we have seen over the past so many years but it’s a slower process than what we really do need.

We need to come out of the regular thought process of having a certain kind of life according to everyone around us . We are made to realise that amidst all the competition around us we need to think out of the box to stand out but when we do the percentage of people who actually believe in the risk we want to take narrows down considerably.

This makes us realise everyone around us will always be contradictory till the time we don’t make them confident about our ideas or our thought process.

At the same time it is important to be biased towards certain elements around us as well not to harm or hurt anyone but to ensure we don’t get harmed as well.

Like one should be biased towards their family for their well being , their work in order to prosper as well as their own life in order to remain happy.

We as Indians have forgotten that life is very unpredictable and we give importance to issues that don’t even need to be a part of us . It is probably because we live in a society where happiness has become so materialistic that it roots from making others jealous / envious about the life we lead rather than actually taking control of the life we lead and making everyday count.

Being biased for your own good is not wrong but being biased at the cost of living freely is a choice you make and one that you will regret.


Rental Bias

Board results are out, and the admissions for universities across India are on. Students will be looking for accommodations. However, the job isn’t so easy. Bias exists at every stage of the process. People are not ready to rent their apartments, rooms to “certain” kind of people as they are biased against them.

Staying in a PG, rented room or apartment or a bed and breakfast comes with a lot of rules and regulations. Common rules include girls can’t leave the place after a certain time, mixing around with people of other religions and communities is a complete no no, certain types of foods cannot be cooked and many others.

Muslim, African, Bengali students have a hard time finding accommodation due to the bias against them. What landlords don’t seem to understand is the importance of letting go of this bias and being open to people of different communities.

Housing is a very integral part of any students college life, and these problems they have to face are definitely not fair to them. It is our duty as a society to change our mindsets and be more welcoming.


Let’s Fight Racism!

Racism is something that needs to be eradicated from our society. I believe a very effective way of getting rid of racism is for each one of us to stop being racist.It seems to all of us, but when we self reflect it would be of surprise to find out that more than half of us are racists.

Now, in order to stop being racists we must research on the topic and enhance our knowledge on race. This is important as science proves that there is very minimal difference between people of different races.

A step forward, after thorough research would be to completely stop using racial slurs. Words such as “Chinky”, “Nep”, “Black”, “Negro” really hurt the sentiments of many and should not be used at all. Cutting these words out of our conversations would really help us become “Non Racists”.

Cracking racist jokes isn’t acceptable either! You may not intend of hurting sentiments of people of a particular race, but it is not correct to crack such jokes.

These steps are very simple and important for us to make our society free of racism. We must make a little effort, and completely get rid of the racism plaguing our society.


The fairer the better

In a country where beauty is linked to fairness it is very hard to change a mindset against racism. Growing up I have seen numerous ads, TV shows, books, newspapers that preach “fairer is better”. Not only is fairness linked to beauty but also linked to success in all aspects of life.
We’ve all grown up in an environment that believes in fair skin colour but now as I have become more aware of the world and the prejudices that exist, I question these beliefs.

I don’t see how skin colour has anything to do with success, better job opportunities, beauty. Dark skinned people are as beautiful, intelligent and successful as any other white skinned person.

It’s extremely odd for a country who is naturally dark skinned to only believe in success of fair skinned people. Fairness creams, powders and all other products sell in abundance in India because people would do anything to become fair.

Most in India wouldn’t even acknowledge this as a form of racism. We complain of racism against Indians abroad, but yet we fail to see the fierce form of racism that resides within us.


Removing Bias 101

The first step to erase racism is looking at us and working on ourselves. I believe all of us have some or the other bias in our heads and we must start with ourselves in order to actually make a difference out there.

Each one of us must think about which social groups & communities we are prejudiced against. Why are we prejudiced against them? Is it because they are a certain color, look a certain way or behave a particular way? Do we feel this way because our friends or family have influenced us, the society believes so or we have had a bad experience with someone? I think it is really important to reflect upon such things, as many a times we don’t even realize that we are biased against someone.

The best way to start is to figure out where the bias is coming from, and thinking about how you can avoid it. Step one to being tolerant and free of all prejudice is finding your source of racism!