Interview with Aashita Mal

Interview with Aashita Mal

Do you think you are biased? Why?

Have I been scared at night on an empty road when a man is walking by ? Do I tense up a little being in a Muslim dominated area if I don’t know anyone ? Yes I have, hence I’m biased. That does not mean that it’s correct by any means, but we all are defined by stereotypes, which is an extension of a bias in itself. However, that’s the extent of me being biased. I feel everyone is equal, Muslim or Hindu; Man or Woman. Religion has been formed by us, not by a higher power. Men are the superior beings is a stereotype which again, is created by us. I feel I’m slightly biased because of a few experiences I’ve had and heard but I work hard to not be.

Have you had a biased experience or you have had somebody else go through it?

Yes, I’ve been through a few share. One such experience happened when I was in London. This was around 11 PM at night and I was walking back to my apartments alone, from Oxford Street. 2-3 black guys noticed I was alone and started following me. Their voice got louder and comments got more and more uncomfortably sexual. However, I walked quietly to the bus stand and luckily the bus arrived just then. And that was the end of it. It was a small experience but definitely one of bias. In this case, a gender one.

Your general opinion on any kind of bias?

I am against all kinds of bias. I’ve also always done my level best to never be biased.

Do you think Indians are biased.?

The unfortunate answer to this question is yes. I could mince my words but there’s no point. Indians are biased. May it be gender, may it be religion or even sexual. Majority of Indians are biased in some way or another, but then, so are people all over the world.


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