Interview with Poojan Sahny

Interview with Poojan Sahny

Do you think you are biased? Why?

No. I feel like I look and treat everyone I meet with equal respect. Everyone has a right to live a free life in whatever resources they have and if we respect that fact about others they will give is the same respect.

Have you had a biased experience or you have had somebody else go through it?

Being a woman you face gender inequality at many occasions in life. But you should see that as an opportunity to shut people up and do something extraordinary to prove that you’re no less than the opposite gender.

Do you think Indians are biased?

Most Indians and unfortunately even educated Indians are somewhat biased about gender, race, religion and sexuality. Our country in itself houses multiple cultures which I feel are not respected well by Indians and is often ignored. However at the same time if people from other countries treat us differently we get super offended. We should learn how to respect cultures and people from all backgrounds and walks of life and eventually will receive the same respect from others.


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