Let’s Fight Racism!

Let’s Fight Racism!

Racism is something that needs to be eradicated from our society. I believe a very effective way of getting rid of racism is for each one of us to stop being racist.It seems to all of us, but when we self reflect it would be of surprise to find out that more than half of us are racists.

Now, in order to stop being racists we must research on the topic and enhance our knowledge on race. This is important as science proves that there is very minimal difference between people of different races.

A step forward, after thorough research would be to completely stop using racial slurs. Words such as “Chinky”, “Nep”, “Black”, “Negro” really hurt the sentiments of many and should not be used at all. Cutting these words out of our conversations would really help us become “Non Racists”.

Cracking racist jokes isn’t acceptable either! You may not intend of hurting sentiments of people of a particular race, but it is not correct to crack such jokes.

These steps are very simple and important for us to make our society free of racism. We must make a little effort, and completely get rid of the racism plaguing our society.


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