Mr John Flintham

Mr John Flintham

As an Englishman living and working in India, I feel super respected. This is contrary to what many would expect! Would I say that there is a bias in the Indian society? Yes, but for white expats it works for us instead of against us. When I walk in to a factory or a restaurant, I get more respect than the rest of the group. I think African expats would not receive the same respect, and herein lies the bias in the Indian society. Called brown by the world, Indians still look down upon darker skinned people. For an increasingly educated society, I have met some highly qualified people with bigoted views.

I have witnessed maximum discrimination amongst Indians when it come to finding a suitable match for their children. They discuss caste, sub caste, ancestral lineage in the same breath as education qualifications and career aspirations. This seems absurd to me, I have a daughter and I would like for her to marry a good natured, educated and successful guy. Honor killings are something that the British have inherited from India, the regular folk in the villages have a terrible time digesting this and want the cases to be tried as pre meditated murder.

In the U.K. It is against the law to discriminate against a person based on race, color, gender or religion. And we take this pretty seriously, I have seen lots of lawsuits being won by people that felt discriminated against at a workplace. Though I think with the spat of recent terrorist attacks, discrimination against immigrants will increase in public places and this will test our society.


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