Racism in India

Racism in India

The summer of 2016 witnessed rising attacks on the African community all over India.

Are we racists? As much as we’d like to deny it, we are racist. We have always identified with Europeans and Americans, but Africans and Asian people have never been welcomed in the country.

Where does this mindset come from? Discriminatory practices in India are centuries old, and only a thorough mindset change can get rid xenophobia in India.

India is a large, diverse country with 1000’s of communities across the nation. Each community has its own traditions and cultural practices and is usually not open to outsiders. There’s a great difference in north & south India and similarly east & west India. Discriminatory practices on the basis of caste, religions date back to 100’s of years.

We have never considered dark or pale skinned boys and girls good looking or beautiful, I think this mentality has lead to persistence of these attacks in the country.

The need of the hour is to spread awareness and get rid of stereotypes and notions. Let India go Beyond Bias.


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