Relevance of Racism

Relevance of Racism

Racism is an issue that that is relevant to every country and at all stratas of society. It is highlighted today due to media, globalisation and America’s complicated and much discussed history with slavery.

Racial bias in India is proliferated by stereotypes caused due to lack of education or ignorance. In India the bias is still somewhat subliminal and much less talked about but due to the diversity of this country it is something that we deal with on a daily basis. Racial alienation is leading to ethnic conflicts as seen in Punjab, Kashmir and the north east. The history of these is much more complicated than just Racism and it is worsened by economic deprivation.

However, it is important to create awareness understanding and cultural appreciation of these issues. #beyondbias aims at doing just this. Creating Awareness is a first and important step in a long struggle. This gives us a chance to contribute in a small yet meaningful way.

Aashica Khanna


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