Removing Bias 101

Removing Bias 101

The first step to erase racism is looking at us and working on ourselves. I believe all of us have some or the other bias in our heads and we must start with ourselves in order to actually make a difference out there.

Each one of us must think about which social groups & communities we are prejudiced against. Why are we prejudiced against them? Is it because they are a certain color, look a certain way or behave a particular way? Do we feel this way because our friends or family have influenced us, the society believes so or we have had a bad experience with someone? I think it is really important to reflect upon such things, as many a times we don’t even realize that we are biased against someone.

The best way to start is to figure out where the bias is coming from, and thinking about how you can avoid it. Step one to being tolerant and free of all prejudice is finding your source of racism!


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