Rental Bias

Rental Bias

Board results are out, and the admissions for universities across India are on. Students will be looking for accommodations. However, the job isn’t so easy. Bias exists at every stage of the process. People are not ready to rent their apartments, rooms to “certain” kind of people as they are biased against them.

Staying in a PG, rented room or apartment or a bed and breakfast comes with a lot of rules and regulations. Common rules include girls can’t leave the place after a certain time, mixing around with people of other religions and communities is a complete no no, certain types of foods cannot be cooked and many others.

Muslim, African, Bengali students have a hard time finding accommodation due to the bias against them. What landlords don’t seem to understand is the importance of letting go of this bias and being open to people of different communities.

Housing is a very integral part of any students college life, and these problems they have to face are definitely not fair to them. It is our duty as a society to change our mindsets and be more welcoming.


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