The fairer the better

The fairer the better

In a country where beauty is linked to fairness it is very hard to change a mindset against racism. Growing up I have seen numerous ads, TV shows, books, newspapers that preach “fairer is better”. Not only is fairness linked to beauty but also linked to success in all aspects of life.
We’ve all grown up in an environment that believes in fair skin colour but now as I have become more aware of the world and the prejudices that exist, I question these beliefs.

I don’t see how skin colour has anything to do with success, better job opportunities, beauty. Dark skinned people are as beautiful, intelligent and successful as any other white skinned person.

It’s extremely odd for a country who is naturally dark skinned to only believe in success of fair skinned people. Fairness creams, powders and all other products sell in abundance in India because people would do anything to become fair.

Most in India wouldn’t even acknowledge this as a form of racism. We complain of racism against Indians abroad, but yet we fail to see the fierce form of racism that resides within us.


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